Burning Libya: Video

Here is a video from YouTube that shows the aftermath of being struck by missiles, rockets and deadly weapons. There are burnt remains of cars, trucks, civilian vehicles, armored vehicles, military tanks, oil tanks and what not. All burnt, and some iron and steel parts remaining. Some are still burning. Among them can be seen some small human beings, seemingly unconcerned about anything in their surroundings.

Symbolically, a man holds up a boot, a military boot! What happened to the other one?

Yesterday, I heard an appeal by the Libyan Government spokesman declaring a ceasefire and requesting and appealing all Libyans to march from Tripoli to Benghazi in whatever vehicles they can for a peaceful march, a peace march, and to pray to Allah for mercy and resolving all the problems. He promised that all Libyans will come under one umbrella and resolve all problems of all Libyans, as if all belong to one family.

It was the second ceasefire after the UN Security Council resolution to impose a no-fly zone or do whatever is necessary to save civilian life in Libya, but short of a foreign occupation of Libya. Sorry, the document is open to all kinds of interpretation.

But what I learned from various news channels and news sites is that as in the case of the first ceasefire, the second one was also a prelude to stepping up further attack by Government forces.

To impose the no-fly zone, or weaken the forces of Col Muammar Gaddafi, the international coalition forces bombed Libya heavily, including the capital Tripoli. They claim there were no civilian casualties. Gaddafi regime’s advertisers claim a lot of civilians died.

Also there are reports that the Gaddafi forces are stepping up brutal attacks on civilians and putting the blame on the rebels or the coalition bombings. And Gaddafi’s men have organized human shields of men, women and children at strategic places to deter bombings, and to claim more civilian victims.

Fighting goes on in areas dominated by rebels too. They are a loose bunch of unorganized people and deaths at their hands too are certain.

The question is not who kills whom. The question is not who is right or, who is wrong. Frankly, I do not know the question.

I know the answer!

Human beings are being butchered! Mostly innocents!

Can it be stopped? By whom? When? Any answers?

No answer!

Till then let the mindless murders continue, pray to god, blame others and celebrate meaningless victories.

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