The Sleeping Borghese Hermaphroditus

The Sleeping Borghese Hermaphroditus at Louvre museum, designed as free widescreen wallpaper

Cardinal Scipione Borghese loved this Hermaphrodite so much that he devoted a room for her/him in Villa Borghese, and called it the ‘Room of the Hermaphrodite’. What you see in the picture is the ‘Sleeping Hermaphroditus’, a second century AD Roman copy of the Greek original of the second century BC. In 1608, it was […]

Evolution of art is integral to evolution of humans

Aphrodite Braschi, broken marble Venus, Glyptothek, Munich

Art is what evolved along with the evolution of Homo sapiens. The history of art, both in its two-dimensional form such as drawings and paintings, and three-dimensional form as carvings, sculptures, statues and similar artistic objects, is as old as the history of human beings. In fact, art is older than writing. The earliest forms […]

Phryne (as Venus) made immortal by Praxiteles

Aphrodite of Cnidus, Venus Pudica, by Praxiteles, National Museum of Rome

We often hear about Phryne, whenever the name of Venus or Aphrodite is mentioned. Also we quite often stumble upon the name Praxiteles along with the names of Aphrodite, Phryne, etc. Who are they? Phryne was a famous hetaera (a term used for courtesans) who was born in Thespiae in Boeotia but lived in Athens […]

The Birth of Venus by Cabanel and other artists

The Birth of Venus (1863) by Alexandre Cabanel, free widescreen wallpaper 1920x1200

The French Academic painter Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889) is well-known for his works depicting classical, mythological and religious themes, apart from his fame as a portrait painter. From 1844 he exhibited his works at the Paris Salon and had won the Grande Médaille d’Honneur at the Salons of 1865, 1867 and 1878. He painted more or […]

J. Carroll Beckwith: Nymph and Cupid


Nymph and Cupid is an oil painting by the American Impressionist artist James Carroll Beckwith (1852-1917). He had probably drawn it based on the sculpture titled Nymphe et Cupidon, by the French sculptor Pierre Legros the Elder, located at the gardens of Château de Versailles, France. Born at Hannibal, Missouri, the United States, James Carroll […]

Nymph and Cupid: sculpture by Pierre Legros the Elder

Nymph and Cupid by Pierre Legros the Elder at Versailles Palace, large wallpaper

Nymph and Cupid (Nymphe et Cupidon), sculpture by the French sculptor Pierre Legros the Elder (Pierre Legros l’Aîné, 1629-1714) at the south rim of the basin north of the Parterre d’Eau, Jardins du Château de Versailles, Yvelines, France. Pierre Le Gros the Elder’s output as a sculptor was mostly used for beautification and decoration of […]

Peter Paul Rubens: Perseus Freeing Andromeda

Perseus Freeing Andromeda, oil painting of 1638 by Peter Paul Rubens

The oil on canvas painting titled ‘Perseus Freeing Andromeda’ (1638) by the Flemish Baroque sculptor and painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), dimensions 94 cm x 189 cm, is currently on display at the German museum Gemäldegalerie (Room VIII), Berlin. In Greek mythology, Princess Andromeda (Andromédē), the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia of Ethiopia, […]