Crawlerway at the Kennedy Space Center

Crawlerway stones at Kennedy Space Center 300x225

Crushed stones on the Crawlerway after a transporter rolled on it with a STS-114 Space Shuttle at the Kennedy Space Center on 6 April 2005 - free wallpaper, size: 2048 x 1536

Here is a beautiful pattern of crushed stones (from Alabama River rocks) on the surface of the Crawlerway, double pathway used by Crawler-transporters at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, United States. The Alabama River rocks paved on the surface of the pathway were crushed, as can be seen in the picture, under the weight of the STS-114 (the first Space Shuttle launched after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster) that rolled out of the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) to the launch pad.

The pattern in the picture can be used as a beautiful background image, texture, or as your computer desktop wallpaper. It is a free photo, a public domain image that can be freely downloaded and used for any purpose you like.

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