Free image of peacock and peahen

Maruyama Okyo peacock and peahen 1781 free PD photo 300x193

Peacock and peahen oil on silk painting by Maruyama Okyo

Here is a test post of an image, of course a free one that you can save to your computer and use for designing or other purposes. It is a classic Hanging Scroll, a color on silk creation by the artist Maruyama Ōkyo (1747 – 1821), created in 1781, and the original measures 86.2 x 133.2 cm (33.94 inches x 52.44 in), and currently located in Miho Museum, Shiga, Japan.

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  1. Hi dears;
    Thanks for your amazing uploaded photo of Maruyama Ōkyo painting.
    actually i have a question.honestly i want to know how much this marvelouse painting worth?
    please reply me because this is really essential.I will tell you something far more interesting
    thanks for your coopration.

    yours trully: naeem rahimi

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