Free texture in watercolor version: Meyer Lemon

Meyer Lemon PD image watercolor 1024x768 wallpaper 300x225

Wallpaper size (1024x768) background texture showing Meyer Lemon

In my previous post, I have included the original photo of Meyer Lemon. Now you can see the texture designed by altering the original photo with the help of Adobe Photoshop. It is a very simple process, and no elaborate work has been done. Watch how the thumbnail version looks like the original. Click on the image to see how it will look when used as a website background.

This image is of can be used as an image for web designing. It can be reduced to the required size or cropped from the desired portion to suit the website’s design. Only your imagination is the limit for deciding how this image can be used. If you like the image, you are free to DOWNLOAD it NOW. Look for other variations of backgrounds produced from the same photo and also of larger sizes.

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