Gabrielle Diamond by Gabi Tolkowsky

Round Gabrielle Diamond 3.17ct 300x239

Triple brilliant cut Round Gabrielle Diamond, 3.17ct, by Gabriel S. ‘Gabi’ Tolkowsky

What you see in the photo here is the Gabrielle Diamond (Round, 3.17 carats) created by the world renowned master diamond cutter Gabriel S. ‘Gabi’ Tolkowsky.

Tolkowsky created Gabrielle Diamond, the world’s first triple brilliant cut diamond, combining his experience and techniques used in cutting and polishing of De Beers Centenary Diamond (273.85 carats/ 54.77 g with an estimated value of US$100 million) and the Golden Jubilee Diamond (the largest faceted diamond in the world, 545.67 carats/ 109.13 g). For this cut, he has also used his experience with the Flower Cuts.

The Round Shape diamond has 105 facets, 48 more than the Classic Round Brilliant cut diamond. It also displays 200% more scintillation and greater brilliance than the classic cut diamond. This effect could be achieved by substantially increasing the ‘journey of light’ within the diamond, mainly because of the increase in the number of facets, so that it sparkles from all angles.

Note: Only the original Gabrielle Round Diamond is costly, the photo is FREE! So, download it and use it as you like or keep it saved in your hard disk.


  1. That sure is one GREAT looking diamond!

    I cannot find where to go see them. How do I find in what locations they are sold?

    (Or can we only contact Mr Tolkowsky and hope he’d be willing to be commissioned to cut a 1-1.5carat diamond?)

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