Gray pebbles background image

Small gray pebbles background wallpaper 300x225

Small gray pebbles evenly spread on the ground, size (wallpaper): 1024 x 768

Here is a beautiful image of gray pebbles found in nature that you may like to use as a background image, pattern or texture. There are many sources from where you can buy images for website designing. One of the sources is buying images or photos from stock photo and image sites. The other is to download them from some free sites specializing in such images.

I have tried both in my early days of designing my own sites and blogs, though I am not a professional designer. But the major problem I find is that I do not find the type of images or photos that I would like to use. So, I decided to collect copyright free/ public domain photos wherever I find them and post them in this blog. And here is one more such image which you can save to your computer for FREE and use wherever you want to use.

I must tell you in advance that some of the images offered here for free download may not be of the right size or color you want to use. But you can always convert them to the sizes you want, or change the colors using several software applications and by simply cutting the portion and size you want to use. It is the easiest thing to do, especially for header images, and similar uses. So, download and try this image, or use it as wallpaper (size: 1024 x 768).

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