Rosa Barkarole: Free red rose flower wallpaper

Rosa Barkarole free red rose flower wallpaper 1600x1200 300x225

Rosa Barkarole: free red rose flower wallpaper, size 1600 x 1200

For those who love red rose flowers, and especially those who are looking for beautiful desktop wallpapers featuring red roses, here is a beautiful flower of the variety Rosa Barkarole.

Rosa Barkarole is developed by cross-breeding Hybrid Tea Roses with Hybrid Perpetual Roses. Rosa Barkarole is a hardy garden rose cultivar believed to have been developed in the second half of the nineteenth century by crossing Portland Roses with the two other popular varieties, the Bourbon Rose and the Gallica Rose.

Generally, the Hybrid Tea Roses bloom continuously and mostly produce very large, sweet-scented flowers in pink or red colors. Hybrid Perpetuals had about 4000 varieties around 1900, and even now Hybrid Perpetuals like ‘Mme Victor Verdier’ are still very popular. Similarly, Gallicas (sometimes known by their nickname Mad Gallicas) also, generally, have sweet fragrance, intense colors varying from rose, red, pink and maroon.

Bourbon Roses, from the Reunion Islands, are supposed to have originated from a natural cross between the China Pink or Red Perpetual Rose, having lush flowers and nice fragrance, and colors ranging from white, pink to deep reds.

So, naturally, Rosa Barkarole roses, developed from the above stocks are very popular as cut flowers and grown extensively on a commercial scale for local distribution as well as for exports.

Note: This is a free desktop wallpaper designed from public domain photo. I have already posted red rose flower wallpapers as well as yellow rose flower wallpapers. Click on the links and download them for free!

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