An African Snail a day keeps the doctor away

A woman selling African land snails for Escargot in Abidjan, wallpaper

Making Babies, a photo by goingslo on Flickr. The author of this photo says, “Snails take about 30 minutes to position themselves for mating, then the act itself takes about 6.5 hours to complete… there is no such thing as a Snail Quickie”. It is further stated, “I was interested to learn about what the […]

Lady Godiva, painting by John Collier

Lady Godiva (1898), oil on canvas painting by John Collier

Seen on the left is an oil painting, depicting a brave Anglo-Saxon noble woman who rode naked through the streets to mitigate the tax burden of the people of Coventry. It is the celebrated oil painting titled ‘Lady Godiva’ (1898) by the British writer and artist John Maler Collier (1850-1934). In modern times, her legend […]