Apollonie Sabatier: French courtesan and artists’ model

Apollonie Sabatier painting by Vincent Vidal, Musée national du château de Compiègne

Apollonie Sabatier (1822-1889) was a French courtesan, artists’ model and a Bohemian in Paris. She also maintained a popular salon, where she acquainted most of the intellectuals of her times in Paris, such as artists, musicians, writers and art historians. As a socialite, some of her acquaintances include Alfred de Musset, Auguste Clésinger, Charles Augustin […]

El Greco: The Opening of the Fifth Seal

El Greco: The Opening of the Fifth Seal, or The Vision of Saint John

The oil painting ‘The Opening of the Fifth Seal’ (or ‘The Vision of Saint John’) created by the Spanish artist and architect El Greco (birth name Domenikos Theokópoulos, 1541-1614), is a landmark painting in the history of not only art, but also Cubism and Modern Art too. This large (dimensions 222.3 cm x 193 cm) […]

Free WordPress Theme zeeDisplay

Screenshot of Free WordPress Theme zeeDisplay

Do you like freebies, like a very nice FREE WordPress theme? Well, I like freebies, and I use premium services only when I am not satisfied with free services or products. It saves a lot of money. Saving money is as important as making money! If you too feel so, this post is about a […]

White Indian Peacock: Pavo cristatus

White Indian Peacock (Pavo cristatus), at Jardin des Plantes, Paris, wallpaper

Have you ever seen a white peafowl? Yes, possibly, if you have visited zoological gardens or similar sites where birds and animals are generally housed and looked after. It is very rare in the wild. I have seen some of them in zoos. The first photo in this post shows a leucistic white peafowl that […]

Pyramid Lake, Jasper National Park, Canada

Wallpaper 1600 x 1200 featuring Pyramid Lake in the Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

Here is a wallpaper size image (1600×1200) that can be used as a background or other purposes for web designing. Need higher resolution images or sizes to suit your purposes? Send your request. It is free and in the public domain. Use it any in manner you like, or host it to your site or […]

Glass distortion of Meyer Lemon fruit

Glass distortion effect on the photo of Meyer Lemon fruit, texture for use as website background image

I think the versions of the photo Meyer Lemon unripe fruit created as textures posted earlier must have been viewed by you. All the images here are free stock images released to the public domain. Anyone can download them and use them for any purpose. But, if you host them on your website, do not […]

Rough pastels background image of Meyer Lemon

Rough pastels texture for web-designers showing unripe Meyer Lemon image

I have been experimenting with the various possibilities the beautiful photo of the unripe Meyer Lemon fruit can give by doing simple things using Adobe Photoshop. I have created some quite interesting designs and textures of various sizes using the same photo. In fact there are thousands of possibilities, and some of the textures and […]

Meyer Lemon: free stock image for web-designing

Meyer Lemon photo designed as free background texture in watercolor version of size 1600x1200

I have already posted the original photo of Meyer Lemon and its watercolor version which can be downloaded for free and used as a background image for web-designing or used as desktop wallpaper. Now, look at the image in this post. It is of the larger wallpaper size of 1600×1200. You are free to alter […]

Free texture in watercolor version: Meyer Lemon

Free texture in watercolor version: Meyer Lemon, wallpaper size 1024x768

In my previous post, I have included the original photo of Meyer Lemon. Now you can see the texture designed by altering the original photo with the help of Adobe Photoshop. It is a very simple process, and no elaborate work has been done. Watch how the thumbnail version looks like the original. Click on […]

Meyer Lemon: public domain photo for designers

Artistic wall paper size photo of Meyer Lemon, suitable for use as background image

Here is an original public domain photo of Meyer Lemon (binomial name: Citrus x meyeri, of the genus Citrus and species C. x meyeri), an original photograph by Jon Sullivan, who is the founder of one of the largest website sites displaying public domain photos, PDPhoto.org. It is a favorite site of designers looking for […]