RAF Tornado GR4, a twin-engine combat aircraft

RAF Tornado GR4, a twin-engine combat aircraft over Iraq, widescreen wallpaper

This photo (designed as a widescreen wallpaper, size 1920 x 1200), shows a Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR4 of the British No. 12 Squadron flying over Iraq on 3 September 2008. The RAF Tornado is one of the most repeated names of fighter planes in news reports on the 2011 military intervention in Libya […]

Political changes in the Arab world

Here is another video dated Mar 7, 2011 from Russia Today that seeks to have a peep into what is happening in the Middle East/ Arab World/ North Africa. They say the political changes in the Arab world, including Libya, can neither be called revolutions nor battles for establishing democracy. The Nation’s editor and publisher […]