RAF Tornado GR4, a twin-engine combat aircraft

RAF Tornado GR4, a twin-engine combat aircraft over Iraq, widescreen wallpaper

This photo (designed as a widescreen wallpaper, size 1920 x 1200), shows a Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado GR4 of the British No. 12 Squadron flying over Iraq on 3 September 2008. The RAF Tornado is one of the most repeated names of fighter planes in news reports on the 2011 military intervention in Libya […]

U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle

U.S. Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle drops bombs in Afghanistan in 2009

The United States Air Force F-15E Strike Eagle (see photo) is a multirole all-weather fighter bomber plane. It is an advanced version of the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle fighter designed in the 80s for long-range, high-speed interdiction without relying on other electronic warfare aircraft or other escort planes. F-15E Strike Eagle fighter planes have been […]

Political changes in the Arab world

Here is another video dated Mar 7, 2011 from Russia Today that seeks to have a peep into what is happening in the Middle East/ Arab World/ North Africa. They say the political changes in the Arab world, including Libya, can neither be called revolutions nor battles for establishing democracy. The Nation’s editor and publisher […]

Burning Libya: Video

Here is a video from YouTube that shows the aftermath of being struck by missiles, rockets and deadly weapons. There are burnt remains of cars, trucks, civilian vehicles, armored vehicles, military tanks, oil tanks and what not. All burnt, and some iron and steel parts remaining. Some are still burning. Among them can be seen […]

USS Barry, American Navy’s guided missile destroyer

USS Barry, Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyer widescreen wallpaper

The guided missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG-52), an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, the fourth United States ship named after the ‘Father of the American Navy’, Commodore John Barry, is one of the US Navy ships deployed to the Mediterranean Sea for strikes against Libya. USS Barry was dispatched to the Mediterranean on March 1, […]

Benghazi girl: Tribes of Libya are one group

Libya in pictures, Benghazi girl says ‘Tribes of Libya are one group’

As part of the 2011 Libyan protests in Benghazi, a very young girl in Benghazi holds out a sheet of paper that reads, “Tribes of Libya are one group”, photo dated 23 February 2011. As a result of the 2011 Libyan uprising against the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, currently there are two claimants as the […]