Commercial uses of Acacia trees

Lightwood tree (Acacia implexa) in Canberra

Various trees and shrubs known as Acacias, including plants known by such names as Thorn Trees, Whistling Thorns, Wattles, Yellow-fever Acacia and Umbrella Acacia, belong to a genus of trees of the family Fabaceae. About 1300 species of acacias have been identified worldwide, out of which about 960 species are native to Australia. Acacias grow […]

Clitoria ternatea: medicinal garden plant

Flower of Clitoria ternatea (butterfly pea) in Burkina Faso, free wallpaper 1024 x 768

Clitoria ternatea, also known as butterfly pea, is a leguminous vine plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. Clitoria ternatea is native to several countries in Southeast Asia and Australasia where tropical or equatorial type of climate is predominant. The plant can be found in Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia, Maldives, etc. Later, […]