How to restore your WordPress database from backup using phpMyAdmin

Here is a video tutorial for restoring your WordPress blog/ site contents from backed up database. I came across this highly useful video tutorial while searching for easy methods to reinstall lost posts of WordPress blogs and other sites like static sites powered by WordPress.

Why do you need this tutorial? Well, possibly, sometime or the other you may need such HOW TO videos and tutorials if you are serious about making a successful blog or site (and, of course, money), especially if you are not a techie who is well versed with codex and the complete knowledge about how WordPress, in conjunction with blog themes, plugins, server side applications of your webhosting companies, etc. publishes your blogs.

This tutorial assumes that you regularly backup your sites and that you have a fairly good working knowledge about phpMyAdmin, MySql databases, etc.

There are many important things to take care of while performing this backup. If you do certain things wrong, there may not be another option to try again, because there may be no ‘undelete’ or ‘undo’ options.

A few fairly reliable steps that you have to take care of are:

  1. Keep more than one backup and at different locations so that you can use them if everything goes wrong.
  2. Make sure that your hosting company does not limit your options by making undue restrictions and they will provide you complete support when you are in trouble. Unfortunately, many companies do not give actual technical support after you sign up with them. All hosting companies promise 24/7 support 365 days, but the support will be limited to opening a trouble ticket and a phone chat through which they tell you to follow steps that you may not understand. And the end result will be they blame you for what went wrong or blaming the software that you are using.
  3. So, because most companies keep backups of your sites and they can restore your site within minutes, if they want, it will be a very nice idea to contact your hosts technical support before you try your DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY) plan. I suggest this because most of the times I had troubles, I got total support from my hosting companies (I use the services of three different hosts), and I did not have to struggle with technicalities that I am not familiar with.
  4. And finally, be ready to seek professional help if nothing works for you. I presume that you are well-informed of these steps, and I take no responsibility if you mess up everything. Also perform a Google search for more info on this topic. Perhaps you will come across better solutions than this.

Beginners’ Guide to Landing Pages

What is a landing page? Typically it is any page on your site to which you want to drive traffic to. It can be your first page or index page or any other page.

You do so because if you are running an e-commerce site, or selling any products or services from your site, you want your visitors to sign up for the products that you sell.

If you do not have any commercial activity on your site, still you want your visitors come to this page to sign up for your newsletters, or anything that you think are important for your site.

Simple Steps to Drive Traffic to a Landing Page

There are several ways to drive traffic to your landing page. The first step is to optimize your landing page for your niche keywords and phrases.

You must also make the page more important by getting your landing page linked by various other sites through inbound links, using onsite SEO by most other pages or posts in your site linking to your landing page.

Then you shall be targeting this page in your email marketing campaigns or newsletters, PPC programs like Google AdWords and other advertising campaigns so that every dollar spent on ads bring the maximum return on investment (ROI) and conversion.

You shall also be asking your affiliate marketers, link partners and business associates to link to your landing page.

Yet another relatively easy and no-cost means of promoting your landing page is to ask your friends and followers on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to link to your landing page from their accounts on such networks.

Untargeted or Organically Resulting Landing Pages

These types of landing pages are naturally resulting landing pages from organic searches and links from other sites. This kind of pages are usually observed in the case of sites like blogs, recreational or networking sites, etc. in which the site owners do not have any business interests.

Organically evolving landing pages are an important indication of what your visitors and readers like the most in your site.

If you use this information effectively to create more content on the topics of these top-level organic landing pages (example: as indicated by Google Analytics), the results will be highly encouraging and your traffic will increase many fold within a few days or weeks.

This type of your organic landing pages can be a surprise to you because these sometimes are the least important to you as you may have one or two random articles, not even related to what your site or bog is all about.

Multiple Landing Pages

Though most experts emphasize on single landing pages, practically you will have many more landing pages ranking next to your main landing page.

If they are a reality as your statistics show, the best thing is to make them more optimized and make them as effective as your single, most important landing page. This strategy is especially recommended if you have many products to sell, or you have multiple choices for your visitors.

Also, you can redirect your visitors from these pages by just providing links to your main landing page or just adding a phrase or sentence to prompt your visitors to ‘READ MORE’, ‘LEARN MORE’, etc. at the end, and linking them to your main landing page.

Make Your Landing Page Clutter-Free

Usually seasoned, successful marketers remove all distracting links, and even menu links to other pages and sidebars to make the visitors concentrate on the contents of the landing page and prompt them to “action”, or “buy” “or signup”. That is the very purpose of your site or blog.

So, remove all other ads, links, etc. to other sites and your own pages from the main landing page. The visitor can return to other pages after signup, or a single link saying “No Thanks”, “Later”, “Not Now”, etc. will take the reader to your other pages.

Testing the Effectiveness of Your Landing Page

The highly paid content writers, successful marketing professionals, etc. use a Split Test (also called A/B test) or Google’s Webpage Optimizer, to determine which the most effective landing page is. You too can use such tests to enhance the conversion rates of your landing page. (Conversion rate is the percentage of buyers or signups at your landing page.)

Dilute the Ad Concentration of Your Other Posts and Pages

As most of you have observed, some bogs and sites, especially those created by non-professionals, startups or beginners, are heavily and irritatingly loaded with several banner ads, links to other sites, etc.

These are usually seen at sites that want to earn from affiliate marketing or selling ads. My intention is not to discourage earning, but to encourage you to earn wisely and smartly at higher rates, and more.

How do you earn more with lesser number of ads? The logic is very simple.

Just check which affiliate banners and links paid you in the last weeks or months. You will be surprised to see many of the ads did not produce any results, while one or two brought to you some revenue.

Just remove the unproductive ads and watch how the total earnings are influenced. The results can be a huge surprise for you because the few remaining ads will bring you much more income than before, as they have lesser competition from unproductive ads and links.

Plus, with lesser number of ads and banners, your page loads faster, create the lesser user-distraction, become user-friendly and helps you earn more income. Additionally uncluttered pages and posts greatly increase the overall performance of your entire site and your landing page will start producing more revenue than before.

Video: How to Generate AdSense Ad Code

Well, I think the masters of making money with Google AdSense may feel it is silly to place a video from Google telling you how to do simple things like creating and placing AdSense ads on your website or blog. But I feel it otherwise! For instance, it was three years ago that I had the first taste of enjoying “FREE MONEY”, after having websites and blogs for many years.

To narrate my first experience in trying to generate money from targeted content-based advertising from my sites/blogs, I have to tell you something that I feel is foolish today.

The first time I thought of AdSense was in 2006 when I set up my own website with my own domain name, hosting, etc., after wasting time with several free sub-domains and free home pages. In fact I was not business-minded, or I had no one to tell me what to do. So, I just searched for services like AdSense and reached Google’s AdSense site. I filled up the form opened my account and placed a banner ad on a couple of pages and relaxed. I used to check up my AdSense account and found that nothing was being credited.

I was disappointed first! Then I stopped checking my AdSense account and then one fine morning I removed the AdSense ad codes too from my site.

After six months or so, when I had a sizeable number of visitors to my blogs, say about 100,000 hits per month, I just placed a tower ad in my blog and, checked if it was working or any one had clicked any of the ads. To my surprise, within a few minutes I had a few clicks and about $1 was credited to my account. I was on cloud nine, not because of $1, but because it told me for certain that I can make good amount of money from AdSense.

From then onwards, I spent a few hours per day to read about AdSense and watch videos like the above one to understand how the whole thing works. And I placed Ads sensibly and I have never looked back again.

What I did initially was wrong placement of ads and not placing them enough where it matters. I hope this helps you. I would like to learn more from those who are knowledgeable and tell beginners how to make money from Google AdSense, even while you are sleeping or on a holiday with your family, girlfriend, or boyfriend!

So, watch the video and understand for yourself. It is very simple. Still, if you have doubts, please let me know. I will help you. Just leave a message if you have problems, or use the comment box to write your problems. You will get my reply within 24 hours!