Did Gabriella Demetriades bring troubles for Modi?

South African model Gabriella Demetriades
1 Gabriella Demetriades, originally uploaded by emailbookmarking.

Legend has it that a dashy 23-year-old South African model Gabriella Demetriades had a strong urge to learn from Shah Rukh Khan how to make lamb korma, as she reportedly once said, “I want him to teach me how to make a really great lamb korma”. However, it is unlikely that King Khan helped her fulfill the dream. Nothing unusual, as millions of his fans have similar desires!

Till recently, Demetriades was relatively unknown in India, though Google will show tons of her spicy photos and videos. But after the spat between Shashi Tharoor and the IPL commissioner Lalit Modi that ended up in Tharoor’s resignation as a Union minister, and the beginning of a host of reported investigations against Lalit Modi, IPL franchisees etc. by the income tax department and The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, etc. one has to believe that the entire credit for the IPL cleanup might be claimed by Gabriella Demetriades.

According to legends, Demetriades somehow earned the displeasure of Lalit Modi, and it cost her dearly more than ‘the one way’. It is reported that she was the hot favorite to win the crown of IPL2′s Miss Bollywood South Africa 2009 contest. But she finished only third after model and actress Dune Kossatz, 35, of East London and Genna Cloud, who finished second. At that time some of her fans mourned her loss, “How the hell did Gabriella not win?”

There were also reports that she ‘seemed to have rubbed IPL boss Modi the wrong way’. But how is it? I could not find the answer, but some guesses show that it has something to do with her unusual longing for korma. An angry fan posted this, “I wonder why Modi was angry with the model. Probably Modi wanted to teach her how to make lamb korma and she didn’t want to learn from him!”

But reports show that in January this year, Modi exchanged emails with the ex-minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor over Gabriella Demetriades’s visa renewal. Allegedly, Modi wanted Tharoor to ensure that her visa, due to expire in February 2010, was not renewed. Unbelievable! Or, surprising, because the same report quoted the model as saying, “He (Modi) is a friend. We met during last year’s IPL in South Africa.”

Anyway, Tharoor’s ministry didn’t oblige Modi, and Gabriella Demetriades’s visa was extended. Here is why: she was on a six-month work visa. In 2009, she represented the Deccan Chargers ‘after being picked from the crowd of spectators who were watching the cricket match between Deccan Chargers and Rajasthan Royals’. She is also ‘active in Bollywood and Indian fashion arena’. So, though for some strange reasons Modi wanted her visa blocked by influencing Shashi Tharoor, ‘this could be speculated as one of the reasons why Lalit Modi put Shashi Tharoor into shame recently’, an internet report said.

So, unlike speculated, it is also possible that Modi’s demand that the Government of India should deny or allow visa to whoever he wants, was the original bone of contention. If that is true, Tharoor’s resignation will not solve it, but the laws should be amended to grant or deny visa’s to models, cheerleaders, and others as Lalit Modi wants.

There are other stories too, including the income tax raids, Modi’s efforts to take the Kochi franchise to some other location, his offer of US$ 50 million to Kochi franchisees to quit it, and, the report on the Ministry of Corporate Affairs on Monday that said that it has the entire IPL machinery under its scanner, not just the IPL Kochi franchisee, but also it was looking into the books and structure of all the other franchisees to determine Company Law violations.

Also, NDTV reported that that the government has mandated the Serious Frauds Investigation Office to look into allegations of fund siphoning by Lalit Modi, who has siphoned off several hundreds of crores earned through IPL to multiple benami foreign accounts. Also, the report says, “Sources in the loop say that while the IT department has been on Lalit Modi’s trail for a long time, much of the recent action seem to have strong political considerations.” So, what are these unholy political considerations?